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The Zanelli organization was founded in 1994 by its current proud owner Marcello Zanelli. The company started as Certified Floors in Long Island, New York where the owner and his staff handled customer calls and ran the business from his home in Port Washington. The garage was used as a warehouse to store the hardwood inventory and all the installation tools and accessories. Zanelli and his team had a very successful beginning for two reasons: (a) word of mouth referrals from its clients along with (b) unmatched reputation for its workmanship and a caring attitude with every small detail in the installation services. One year after Zanelli opened for business, it was ready to establish its own office and a retail store in Franklin Square, Long Island where this company quickly started servicing the tri-state area. In 2001, Zanelli relocated its business to Miami, Florida where he resides now with his family. Strategically, this location was more convenient to effectively manage the Caribbean, New York and its new targeted area in the South Florida markets. Zanelli has maintained all his contacts and clients in the New York area as he expands to new markets and grows the business.

The legacy of this family owned company continues to be known and recognized for the outstanding workmanship and the pride of every installed floor and the services it provides. Seven years after the business started, the Zanelli brand had name recognition by its clients so the company started sourcing and importing its own line of Brazilian Exotic Hardwood Flooring. The Zanelli Organization was doing work for the largest developers and architects in South Florida and the owner’s vision was to increase its brand recognition by sourcing and branding its own product. Change and growth continued for Zanelli as it expanded its services from wood products to stone, marble, glass railings, wood railings and accompanying installations products. It also expanded its services to installing, finishing, refinishing, and maintenance for all flooring products. Now, Zanelli handles small and large clients that are looking to buy products at a starting price point or customized products for high- end and custom work. As the business expands to glass railing manufacturing and marble slabs installations, the Zanelli team is adding marble countertops imported from Turkey to its product portfolio and services. “The designs and the admirable visionaries that I’ve met in the Bahamas have given me the idea and opportunity to venture into this new business.” Some of Zanelli’s clients include the Waldorf Astoria, CBS and exclusive residences in Manhattan and in the North Shore of Long Island. Zanelli’s newest area of expansion geographically is at the Atlantis Resort in Nassau where Zanelli has been awarded contracts for customized flooring jobs along with the on-going maintenance flooring. Zanelli’s strong business relationships with contractors, designers, and architects in the Bahamas pushed its strategy for expansion to the Caribbean Islands.

Now more than 20 years later, Marcello Zanelli, owner, and CEO of Zanelli Organization is proud to share his story by recognizing that the foundation for referrals and long business relationships are highly dependent on customer satisfaction and customer care. Marcello takes great pride in maintaining a skillful team of people that understand the importance of pride in their work and attention to detail in every job to earn referrals time and time again. “I am a firm believer that there is no better publicity than word of mouth. My passion and mission are to deliver what the customer ordered on time, on budget accompanied by excellent installation services.”.

Message from Marcello Zanelli

Mission & Vision: My mission is to earn customer recognition for providing excellent products and services in areas we currently service; and by doing so, my vision is to build long-term customer loyalty, friendship, and strong partnerships.







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